How might we better understand how Victorians use public transport?

Department of Transport

Currently in progress.
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Victoria needs an integrated transport system to connect people to jobs, education, services and leisure activities. The state is growing and changing rapidly. By 2050, Melbourne will need to support an extra 10.4 million trips a day across all forms of transport. Meanwhile, regional Victoria’s population is set to double in 20 years.

Understanding how Victorians use public transport (train, tram and bus) is critical to meeting future demand. This can be used in a variety of ways such as planning new stations, safety and operational uses, customer information, and more.

Current public transport data sources are patchy with major drawbacks. There is scope to vastly improve the sourcing of:

An exciting opportunity exists to improve knowledge of how people use public transport to support the future growth of Victoria.

Why are we focused on this?

The Department of Transport plans, builds and operates Victoria's transport system so it works well today and in the future. This involves integrating the transport network so everyone’s journeys can be safer, simpler and quicker. To do that, we need to know where and when people are utilising the network to support decision making.

What are we looking for in the solution?

The desired solution would improve the data available for planners and public transport users in a cost effective way. Any solution that addresses part of the problem would be considered.

Data privacy and security provisions must comply with relevant policy and legislation. This includes delivering data in an unidentified format.

Data should have the least impact on IT requirements as possible including collection and storage.

Who are the end users?

What assets are available to help co-design the solution?

The Department of Transport has sophisticated data analysis and transport modelling capabilities. It can also provide access to the public transport operators providing train, tram and bus services to help co-design the solution.

What is the opportunity for the successful startup?

This challenge would have up to $185,000 in funding which includes:

Beyond the program period the solution would be relevant to other transport systems across Australia and elsewhere. The solution would also have potential application to other forms of infrastructure. For instance, asset utilisation and crowding in shopping centres, airports and stadiums.


We will be running several Information sessions, which will give you a chance to meet the Challenge Owners and better understand the CivVic Labs program;

Information session 1 (in-person): Thursday, 28th March 2019, 10-11 am. Ended.

Information session 2 (Online): Thursday, 4th April 2019, 1- 2 pm. Ended. Some of the questions asked can be found in the FAQ section.

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