How can we make the Victorian transport system more responsive to user safety and wellbeing?

Department of Transport

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The Department of Transport is looking for new ways to understand and enhance user safety, mobility and satisfaction with the state’s transport network.

This is an exciting opportunity to ensure that the Victorian transport system is more responsive to the diverse requirements of transport users, particularly the personal safety of women and girls.

First off, what is asset management?

Transport asset management is the way trains, trams, buses as well as stops, stations, bicycle lanes and walkways are designed, operated and maintained to deliver great user experiences.

At the moment, the Department of Transport is involved in the planning, operation, renewal and decommission of over $100 billion worth of assets, with a further $35 billion coming online in the next five years.

Why we are focused on this?

The current approach to transport asset design, operation and maintenance could be more responsive to the diverse requirements of transport users, particularly the personal safety of women and girls.

Academic research and media reporting indicate this is most significant in the areas of public transport and active transport (such as walking and cycling).

However, it is not clear when or where asset under-performance contributes to this situation.

What are we looking for in the solution?

The Department of Transport is looking for a solution that incorporates the requirements of users into the asset design, management and operation processes.

They're looking to develop a user-centred asset management approach that will incorporate user safety and satisfaction with the condition and performance of specific assets as a vital input.

The Department of Transport is particularly interested in innovations that can provide measurable improvements to the commuter experience, such as improved safety and mobility outcomes for women.

A user-centred approach has the potential to improve network performance, service levels and user safety and mobility outcomes.

What assets are available to help co-design a solution?

The Department of Transport can provide access to transport asset managers and planners to help co-design the solution.

The team value co-development and are comfortable working with ambiguity and learning by doing.

Who are our end users?

• Users of the transport system
• Transport asset managers
• Transport planners

What is the opportunity for the successful startup?

This challenge would have up to $185,000 in funding which includes:

• $5,000 for the Pre-accelerator Stage to fine tune your proposal
• $30,000 for the Acceleration Stage to develop an MVP
• $150,000 for the contract during the Implementation Stage to fully develop and deliver the solution

Beyond the program, the solution could be relevant to any asset-intensive organisation that provides a service. This could include transport agencies in other jurisdictions as well as utilities and airports.


We will be running several Information sessions, which will give you a chance to meet the Challenge Owners and better understand the CivVic Labs program;

Information session 1 (in-person): Friday, 13 September 2019, 12-1 pm. Ended.

Information session 2 (Online): Monday, 23 September 2019, 12-1 pm. Ended. Some of the questions asked about the program can be found in the FAQ section.

-Movement and place in Victoria

-Passenger journey on Trains

-Passenger journey on Buses

-Passenger journey on Trams

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