How can we increase cyber security awareness to reduce risk to Victorians?

Department of Premier and Cabinet (Enterprise Solutions)

Currently in progress.
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The Department of Premier and Cabinet is seeking to make cybersecurity easier and more relevant to Victorian Public Sector employees to reduce risk to Victorians.

Help a passionate team bust through bureaucratic process to make a meaningful impact on cyber security literacy and resilience.

Why we are focused on this?

Information and infrastructure security is essential to the functioning of government.

The cyber threat environment is increasing at all levels of government while cybersecurity capability is fragmented across a large public sector workforce.

At a personal level, the team are genuinely passionate about supporting startups and cyber talent and believe startup creativity has a crucial role to play in boosting cyber security awareness.

What are we looking for in a solution?

This challenge is an exciting opportunity to help shape a fresh approach to communicating cyber threats, measuring and incentivising safe habits and moving beyond awareness to action.

Ultimately, this will prevent and reduce costly and disruptive cyber incidents.

What assets are available to help co-design a solution?

The selected startup will work in partnership with technical specialists in the Cyber Security Unit to co-design a solution.
This means access to:
• Expert cyber security threat advice
• Ethical hackers
• Guidance from risk analysis and assurance advisors
• Senior stakeholders including the state’s principal advisor for strategy and engagement and Chief Information Security Officer.

Who are our end users?

• Public sector executives
• Public sector IT specialists
• Public sector risk specialists
• Victorian citizens
• VPS staff

What is the opportunity for the successful startup?

This challenge would have up to $185,000 in funding which includes:

• $5,000 for the Pre-accelerator Stage to fine tune your proposal
• $30,000 for the Accelerator Stage to develop an MVP
• $150,000 for the contract during the Implementation Stage to fully develop and deliver the solution

Cyber security is an escalating long-term challenge. Beyond the program, the solution would be relevant to interstate and international cyber specialists, other government agencies and small and medium sized entities.


We will be running several Information sessions, which will give you a chance to meet the Challenge Owners and better understand the CivVic Labs program;

Information session 1 (in-person): Thursday, 12 September 2019, 12-1 pm. Ended.

Information session 2 (Online): Monday, 23 September 2019, 12-1 pm. Ended. Some of the questions asked about the program can be found in the FAQ section.

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